1 3 focus paper 1 education and training 1

Write an essay in which you compare and contrast education and training. Is there a philosophical distinction between these two terms?

  1. List the five foundations of curriculum design.
  2. List at least five changes in the external environment that require a change in the way we learn.

  • se the attached template (Most APA 7th Edition Formatting is already accomplished)
  • Page 1 is the Cover Page containing the title: Focus Paper 1: Education and Training, Your name, and the school (ERAU) centered in the upper half of the page
  • Begin your essay on page 2 (no abstract required)
  • Double space for ease of reading
  • Follow APA 7th Edition style and formatting rules
  • Length should be 3-5 pages of content
  • Last page should include references cited in your paper

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