1 4 focus paper 2 educational philosopher redo edit paper

Select one of the prominent educational philosophers for further research. Describe the philosopher’s background, experiences, and essential beliefs. Attached below is a copy of the original paper that needs to be edited or redone.

Comments from the professor about the original paper:

You have some interesting information in your Focus paper on the Philosophy of Education, but I was looking more for some information on one of the many Educational Philosophers that impacted the education system. Again, you have some very valuable information in your paper, but you were to choose a philosopher and describe their background, experiences, and essential beliefs on education.

In the APA 7th Edition, the Running head/SHORT TITLE are no longer required on on-published papers. Your could have a little more paraphrasing and citations throughout, but still some good documentation. When talking about one of these philosophers’ contributions). You should be able to “edit” your original post to upload the new paper.

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