F1a. Different financial institutions offer a variety of similar services, but with different levels of competence. What are some explanations for this?


F1b. What are major types of financial intermediaries? How are they similar and different?



F2a. What are a chief financial officer’s (CFO) two roles? Use real-world examples to explain why these roles are important to a company’s success.


Explain business ethics in your own words. Why are business ethics important in strategic planning? How do business ethics affect the workplace?


F2b.  A firm’s senior managers delay a planned maintenance to make profits look better. Is this ethical? Why or why not? What is another example of questionable ethical behavior?


What is the role of the accounting manager in completing the financial portion of a strategic plan? How does this role differ from the CFO’s role?  Why are these roles important? How may each role affect the success of a strategic plan?



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