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The health information management (HIM) professional is strategically placed to manage information within the medical and public health arena. As managers of information flow, HIM professionals utilize indexes, registers, and registries to assess and monitor the health of a population. Stakeholders can be an individual or a group/organization who is impacted by the outcome of a project. In reference to registers and registries, stakeholders directly influence whether development of a registry and registries can proceed.Read the following Chapter 1:Digital Health and Patient Registries – Today, Tomorrow, and the FutureDemonstrate the usage of registers and registries.Include the following aspects in the assignment:Ø  Identify 3-5 benefits associated with registers and registriesØ  What are the challenges of registers and registries?Ø  List key stakeholders and explain their importanceØ  Which indexes you would use and whyØ  How might you, as an EHR professional use the digital ability outlined in Chapter 1 of the reading?Ø  Cite any references used. This is an informal 1-2-page paper. As always, proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling is required

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