1 you can write on anything you like as long as it is not rude possible areas 2 3 how you are coping a personal narrative your trials and tribulations your fears and hopes 4 stories of others those you know or those you heard of 5 how bu

1. You can write on anything you like, as long as it is not rude. Possible areas:


3. How you are coping, a personal narrative. Your trials and tribulations, your fears and hopes.

4. Stories of others, those you know, or those you heard of.

5. How businesses are coping, economic implications.

6. Policies. US is in containment mode, but others (Brazil, Mexico) are skeptical.

7. What is the “$ 2 trillion stimulus package?” is it good, is it enough?

8. Is COVID-19 causing us to come together, or is it producing more hatred and suspicion in society?

9. Anything else.

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