10 2 journal reflection 1

After reviewing the material presented throughout this course, the link between evidence-based data and decision making in the field of criminal justice should be apparent. Maintaining high ethical standards when it comes to research development, strategic planning, and informed decision making is the key to effective leadership within the field of criminal justice. As you have learned throughout this course, ethical decision making not only affects the organization in which you work but also your professional reputation and future career advancement opportunities. The course materials have also provided valuable information and insights as to how the negative consequences of unethical decisions can fetter transparency and the trust given to your organization by the surrounding community. It will serve you well in years to come to reflect regularly upon the materials presented in this course, including the activities you completed in your final project.

You have learned the anatomy of the decision-making process, how to identify and analyze crime trends and relevant data, and how to properly communicate findings to both peers and the community. You have also had an opportunity to establish a strong understanding of the importance of ethical research guidelines within the criminal justice system. During this module, you will reflect on the key elements of this course and how you can translate them from theory to practical application. The responsibility of making a decision will be placed squarely on your shoulders. Therefore, it is imperative to use the tools you have acquired throughout this course to aid you in coming to a correct decision.

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