1800 2000 essay the course is about how to persuade others the essay topic can be any debatable questions but you need to choose a side to stand and try to convience your target audiences 1

1. Background research: research institutes, the government, NGOs, think tanks, online encyclopedias, media organizations, books and journal articles. limited to citing Wikipedia or other websites.

2. Identify your standpoint regarding the matter you have chosen. You have to formulate a

clear thesis (a proposition that you will provide reasons for)

3. Identify your target audience. This is the group of people who will be the recipient of

your persuasive effort.

4. Produce your arguments. Your goal in this document is to get people on your side with

respect to the matter you care about. Constructing two arguments that provide sufficient reasons for your audience to embrace your point of view. Your two arguments should have the same proposition as your conclusion.

5. Defend the soundness of your arguments. The premises are supported by evidence. For

each of your arguments, anticipate at least one potential objection and respond to it.

6. Create a dissemination strategy. Explain how your message will be disseminated to your


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