2 3 page of essay 3 of research question

Essay :

  1. Trade between nations of goods and services requires currency and financing. Explain what the gold standard was. How did the gold standard help promote international trade? The United States abandoned the gold standard in 1971. What problems were associated with staying on a gold standard? Describe the current regime for currency exchanges.

Research :

  1. Why was the euro zone formed, and what are its strong and weak points?
  2. Is the US being harmed by high tariffs on medical supplies from China (explain)? Look for online articles that are current. Cit your sources.
  3. What is the adaptive club model relative to WTO policy making. Explain

Extra Credit :

Create your own table and list and rank the 5 largest nations by GDP and then show trade deficits or surpluses as a percent of GDP for each nation. Your table will thus report GDP, trade balance and trade balance as a percent of GDP for the largest economies.

Extra Credit What is the official unemployment rate for March in the US?

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