2 fundamentals assignments – due in 12 hours

(1) Perception of Self and OthersPerception is the process of selectively attending to information and assigning meaning to it. Sometimes, our perception of others, of the world, and ourselves agree with the perception of others. At other times, our perceptions are significantly different from the perceptions of other people. For each person, perception becomes reality. What one hears, sees, and interprets is real and is considered true to that person. Another person may see, hear, and interpret something entirely different from the same situation.Read Chapter Two of your textbook. Write down ten terms that describe your self- concept. Be sure to list the terms. Then create a poem, rap, cheer, or a song using those terms to present who you see yourself as. Type it in Microsoft Word and submit.(2)Concrete WordsRegardless of whether you are talking informally to one of your friends or giving a formal speech, you should strive to use words that accurately convey your meaning. You should use words that make our meaning clear. You should choose language that makes your messages memorable. You should also choose language that demonstrates linguistic sensitivity.” Specific words” clear up confusion caused by general words by narrowing what is understood from a general category to a particular group within that category.” Concrete words” are words that appeal to our senses. Consider the word “speak”. This is an abstract word- that is we can speak in many different ways. So instead of saying that Jill speaks in a peculiar way, we might say that Jill mumbles, whispers, blusters, or drones. Each of these words create a clearer sense of the sound of her voice.” Precise words”are words that narrow a larger category to a smaller group within that category.Read Chapter Four. Rewrite each of the statements below to make it more specific by making general and abstract words more precise and concrete.I Did the first one for you!1. My neighbor has a lot of animals that she keeps in her yard. Example: My neighbor, George Hall, has fifty bull dogs that he keeps in his yard at 5345 Tailor Ave. Do you see the difference in the two sentences?2. When I was a little girl, we lived in a big house in the Midwest.3. My husband works for a large newspaper.4. I really liked going to that concert. The music was great.5. I really respect her.6. She was wearing a very trendy outfit.7. We need to have more freedom to choose our courses.8. Where’d you find that thing?9. My boyfriend looks like a hippie.10. She got up late and had to rush to school. But she was late anyway.

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