Assignment 311-3Pick and read an article related to any topic studied in this course published in an academic journal (use JSTOR electronic database available via APUS Library*). It can be on any topic related to political sociology and that is of interest to you, for example, class struggle, Karl Marx, Max Weber, Emile Durkheim, democracy in America, globalization, etc.). Please pick an article published in the past 10 years and be sure to use a sociological academic journal. The initial search will likely result in many items, so be sure to narrow it down to a specific aspect of theory that is of interest to you. The journal article should be at least 20 pages.Write a 3-5 page report on the article. In your paper, do your best to ANSWER ALL of the following questions:1.  What is the main topic of the article?2. What do the author or authors argue?3.  What type of evidence do they present?4.  What are the author’s conclusions?5. Which arguments do you find the strongest/ weakest?6. Which topics that we covered in class in the first weeks does this article best relate to?7. Why did you pick this particular article?*Once in JSTOR: Go to Advanced Search; Limit by Type (Article); Limit by Date (2005-2015); Limit by Subject (Sociology)Format:APA-style formattingTyped1” marginsDouble-spacedArial or Time New Roman, 12 pt font

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