4 Separate Questions 350 words each

Separate each question with references **add website to find references**.1. Americans are a giving, compassionate people.  They willingly support any number of domestic and international causes that bring relief and hope to those in need.  Is there a limit to this generosity?  Some analysts point to what they call “Donor Fatigue.”  This describes a situation where people no longer give to causes that they supported in the past.  What is “donor fatigue? Critics point to the National Flood Insurance Program as an example.  Everyone feels compassion for those who have lost their homes and possessions due to flooding, right?  Maybe not.  Many insurance companies refuse to underwrite flood insurance in certain locations because the potential liability exceeds the premiums they can charge.  Critics assert that taxpayers should not be required to subsidize those who choose to build in known floodplains – they know the risk, they should accept the risk.  Is this “donor fatigue?”  What do you think?  Explain your position.2. The Disaster Response and Contingency Planning guide is a basic foundation for responding to a disaster or crisis by organizational entities ranging from businesses, schools, and government levels from local to regional to national.  One of the functional annexes typically included in such plans is one for pets and animals.  The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006 (PL 109-308), informally known as the PETS Act, provides that certain state-designated shelters are required by statute to provide co-located shelter facilities for pets.  Is this a best use of scarce resources?  What should the government’s responsibility be for pets?3. In your opinion, of which of these seven major issues that can have a significant impact on homeland security represents the greatest threat to the United States?  Why?Weapons of Mass DestructionEconomic Disparity and Social FragmentationWater Security, Food Security, and Energy SecurityDecreased National and Multinational SolidarityUnrest Across the GlobeDemographic ChangeCyberthreats4. The recovery phase of any disaster event creates a huge requirement for manpower for cleanup, repair, and restoration.  Traditionally, a sizable segment of the manpower pool is provided by volunteers from NGOs, churches, community organizations, schools, etc.  What are the advantages to using volunteers?  What are the disadvantages?

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