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Read through this investigation, determine the important factors of the case, and write a profile of the killer.  This is a general exercise to see if you are able to identify key information needed for profiling.During a “check the welfare” call on a Saturday morning, an officer finds an elderly white female deceased in the middle of her living room floor. She was found lying in the prone position with a large knife in her chest. She is dressed in a housecoat and no shoes.  No other injuries are found on the victim however, there is a broken vase near her body.  The house was found to be locked accept for a door leading out to the garage. A window in the garage has been broken with no indication of what was used to break the window to gain entry. The house is in immaculate condition and the only thing missing are some contents from the victim’s purse located on the kitchen table.  The attack appears to have happened after 6pm when the victim arrived home from a friend’s house.A week later on a Saturday evening around 2am in the same neighborhood, a call is made from a man returning from work stating he heard a noise at his neighbor’s house that sounded like broken glass.  When he went to investigate, he claims he saw a young Caucasian male running away from the exterior of the home.  The reportee knocked on the door and nobody answered. The front door was locked so he proceeded to call the police.  When the police arrived, they found the elderly home owner asleep in her home heavily medicated.  She claims she did not hear the neighbor knocking on her door. In the dining room, the elderly women’s purse was found open and her wallet missing.  Nothing else was disturbed in the home.A historical check of the neighborhood revealed that there were multiple burglaries during the last month in which there was forced entry and small (pocket size items) were stolen.  Although several leads have been tracked, no potential suspects have been interviewed. No suspicious vehicles have been documented in the neighborhood during the times of the burglaries.

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