A3- lean management PowerPoint presentation (Urgent)

PowerPoint Presentation needs to contains 10-15 slides.The presentation needs to mimic the A3- formula attached.I uploaded an example of Kiosk presentation with the A3 formula. The Kiosk presentation has a “Charter” on slide 3 this Charter needs to be within the presentation that you create but of course you will make up a problem statement, business case, aim statement, scope, start, stop, constraints of  bring the VA closer to being a high reliability organization.You will discuss your plans for bringing VA closer to being a High Reliability Organization (HRO). You may use PowerPoint to organize your presentation, and any supporting documents or data available. This is a pitch – the value of your hypothetical project and your ability to professionally deliver a presentation will be evaluated.The Direction are attached as well.I found several examples that can help you come up with an action plan on “YouTube” by typing in High Reliability in Healthcare. One example I liked was Improving safety, Quality, and Experience of Care. We all know that hospital need to implement action plans to make the hospital a safe environment to treat patient because of the corona virus pandemic so be creative and think outside the box.Use the A3 model attached if you mimic this exatcly the presentation may be only 9-10 slides. On the slide one “Reason for Action” this is where you will do the charter.Please make a note section within the presentation I do not want the slides too length but the notes section needs to be detailed.

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