advertising devise an advert that tells a clear story that links nike and lfc together with the launch of the new nike x lfc first team kits in summer 2020

Nike will be taking over as sportswear partner for LFC from New Balance, who have held the deal since the 2015-16 season, during which time Nike held a partnership with rival club, Manchester City.

Your task:

Devise an advert that tells a clear story that links Nike and LFC together with the launch of the new Nike X LFC first team kits in summer 2020.

(Remember to focus on the unique style and approach that Nike has with LFC that is different to the New Balance relationship with LFC).

You will need to:

•obtain consumer insights …..

•develop an appropriate advert[s] that will convince the target audience[s]……


Your essay is to be written in a report format and should address the following elements, including academic theory and models, where appropriate:

• Background analysis and fan (consumer) insight

• Advertising objectives and rationale

• Completion of a creative brief (use any A4 creative brief format)

• Creative concepts (with supporting justification for ideas)

• Creative execution in the form of a Print ad. You may find it helpful to articulate your creative work in writing.

• An outline of how the campaign will be evaluated

• Ethical considerations

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