analyze a network s security risk



Analyzing a network’s security risks is one of the first steps in creating a secure network. All the hard work a company does to generate traffic and promote itself online can go up in flames if it is not protected from network security threats. The company may not even be aware of a problem until it is too late. Some of the most common network security risks are:

  • Computer viruses.
  • Software vulnerabilities.
  • Hackers.
  • Employee breaches.

In this assignment, you analyze a network and identify the security risks posed to it.


Download and examine the Network Configuration document found in the assignment Resources. Use the information in it to complete this assignment.


Consider the network configuration and create a 2–3 page Word document in which you will perform the following activities:

  • Discuss the significant network risks that exist for any three of the following:
    • Confidentiality.
    • Integrity.
    • Availability.
    • Identification.
    • Authentication.
    • Authorization.
    • Accountability.
  • Assess the network’s ability to mitigate your identified exposures. Make sure to identify specific areas of weakness that include a discussion of hardware and software.
  • Describe a process or procedure for performing vulnerability testing that effectively assesses this network’s security weaknesses.

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