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“Security staff” in a prison or jail generally includes employees primarily responsible for the supervision and control of inmates in housing units, recreational areas, dining areas, and other program areas of the facility. “Staff” in a prison or jail generally includes all other employees who are not part of the “security staff.” Research recent innovations in cross training for security staff, clinicians, and other staff members in a correctional facility. The goal of cross training is to have all employees working together to enhance the health and well-being of inmates while simultaneously preventing or diffusing situations before they become dangerous or disruptive. [An example of model cross training was a program implemented at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Health Care Facility in Stockton, CA.] Identify the elements that should be included in a model cross training program. Also explain how the training should be implemented so that the security of correctional employees and the well being of inmates are enhanced.

(500 word minimum. cite sources. no plagiarism)

2.If you were asked, as a warden, to establish a new philosophy of inmate management within a correctional institution, how would you merge good correctional security practices with the goal of allowing inmates to participate in self-help programs and activities? In other words, how would you mix security and programs? Explain your correctional philosophy and how you would implement it.

(500 word minimum. cite sources. no plagiarism)

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