answer the question below for soc100

1.In infant mortality, the United States lags behind most of its peers in the industrialized world. A number of smaller, poorer nations also have lower rates of infant mortality than the United States does. How might sociologists explain this phenomenon?

( I asked you all to consider why the United States has such a high mortality rate relative to both other industrialized nations as well as smaller less industrialized nations. Your explanations for this question were interesting and varied. Several of your pointed to the deep economic inequalities that exist in America. While some may have strong access to health care, there are many who do not which can explain their poorer outcomes. Also, something that makes the United States unique compared to other industrialized countries is the rather high cost of care in this country, which can also have dire effects on health outcomes.)

2.In sociology, what is the “second shift”? What are its implications and will it change with time?

(to describe what is meant by the ‘second shift’, detailing how it has changed over time. most responses agreed that the second shift involves women’s responsibility for childcare and housework above and beyond their responsibilities in their employment outside the home. What is interesting is that while this concept was based on a study published in the 1990’s, much of this concept is still reliant today. As the book discusses, there is still ample evidence that women are tasked with more childcare work than men.)

3.Why were the findings in the Coleman Report so surprising? How has research on achievement differences clarified the conclusions of the report?

4.One of the most important changes in the American economy is the creation of the service sector. What does this mean and how does it affect a worker’s ability to survive?

The bracket is some comment that made by my professor to guide the response.

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