application and response viewpoints

Read this article (Links to an external site.), identify the argument presented, the support provided, and the viewpoint represented.

argument to choose from

Arguments represent the bias, interests, and objectives of a viewpoint.

types of support that can be chosen from the list below

Judgments. This is good, this is bad; this is right, this is wrong; this should be, this should not be. • Men and women should not share college dorms. • That car is a lemon.

2. Advice. You should do this; you should not do this. • I wouldn’t advertise for a roommate if I were you. • You need a new car.

3. Generalizations. These are usually preceded by the word all, no, or some. They can be supported or unsupported. • Children in the United States are pressured to grow up too fast. • Nothing comes without a price.

4. Personal taste or preferences. I like this; I don’t like this. Personal preferences need not be rational, nor need they necessarily be explained or justified. • Each week I can’t wait to watch Jeopardy. • He looked great wearing red tennis shoes with his tuxedo.

5. Public sentiment. Polls gauge public sentiment or prevailing pub- lic impressions on current issues. Like personal preferences, public sentiment need not be rational or knowledgeable. Top-of-the-head impressions are as welcome to pollsters as studied well-informed opinions. Here are some examples: • The president is doing a good/poor job. • We have a strong/weak economy.

6. Evaluations. These can range from well-supported investigations to film reviews, to single words chosen for their negative or positive connotations. • “The Tree of Life seems certain to remain the most audacious, abstract and ambiguous American film released this year.” (Budd Wilkins. The Tree of Life, Slant Magazine, 12 October 2011) • They are just a bunch of wonks.

Types of Viewpoints to chose from listed below

Socioeconomic Ethnic Religious Education Occupation Pastimes.

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