Extra credit opportunities are available for those who wish to boost their grade.  For extra credit, you may obtain up to 2 Sona credits (up to a 5% increase in your final percent average, with 2.5% for each Sona credit). To become familiar with the SONA SYSTEMS, go to web site where you will go to sign up for experiments and monitor your research credits. Note that you have to create a new SONA account at the beginning of the semester regardless of whether or not you participated in the SONA before (For more information, please scroll down to read “SONA Information” document.)If you unable or do not wish to participate in research via SONA, you have the option of writing an APA style article critique paper (worth up to 5%) following these steps:1. Find a journal article (a primary source) that reports research on a topic related to psychology of adolescence. The article must come from one of the peer-reviews scientific journals from the years 2006 to present. You can retrieve your article from the FIU library website ( Write a summary of the article in your own words of at least two (2) typed, APA style, double-spaced Times New Roman 12 pt. font pages as if you were describing the article to a friend or family member. In your summary be sure to answer the following questions, in this order:What was the research about?How did they conduct the research?What kind of research did they conduct (e.g., correlational study, experiment)? Briefly explain how you can tell it is that type of research.What did they find?What might be an alternative explanation or limitation to the research?How might the findings be relevant to your listener’s/reader’s life?Submit the link of the actual critiqued article

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