articulate an essay

For this assignment, write an essay in which you articulate what you believe to be Coates’ central argument and use quotes from the book to support why you believe this to be his argument. After you have established his argument, you will articulate your own position regarding that argument: do you agree, disagree, both agree and disagree? In this paper, consider someone else’s perspective, contribute your own voice in response to that perspective, and also find evidence to help support your claims for believing what you believe. If you’d like to write this assignment as a letter to someone in your life, you are welcome to do that

  • Clearly articulate what you believe to be Coates’ argument (the book: Between the world and me)
  • Provide quotes from the text to support why you believe this to be his argument
  • A statement in which you agree, disagree, or both agree and disagree with his argument
  • Support for your claim (including 4 sources: 2 must be peer-reviewed articles from the library database)
  • Your essay should be 4 pages
  • Formatted according to MLA guidelines
  • Double-spaced, with 1-inch margins
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
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