assignment 2 amp a half to 3 pages

Please remember Bloom’s Taxonomy when writing (see attachment below). This will allow you to think critically when writing and speaking or putting together a new administrative task when you become director of an organization.Always use examples of your own experiences to show knowledge and understanding when writing.

This week after you have viewed two videos (Emotional Intelligence: and Swot Analysis: and viewed the attachment document “Emotional Intelligence”; you are to write a Reflection paper. How would you use this information at work if you were in management with your staff in a given situation good or bad. (Remember the code of ethics for human service workers as well).

Write a Reflection paper on whether your workplace/organization practices these administrative and professional practices yes or no, and how would you use this information if you were an administrator or director of an organization. 1 cover page, 2 and a half-3 pages of body, 1 summary page, 1 reference page with a minimum of 2 references. (1 inch margin of both sides of your paper, double space, 12 font).

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