assignment be the manager

Read “Be the Manager”

Answer question posed on motivation theory or theories you will use to get higher performance from the marketing analysts. ***Two paragrah long*********. Make sure you use book content – definitions – others, to support your thinking. Try and find motivational theory application in the cases mentioned…expand your thoughts.


You supervise a team of marketing analysts who work on different snack products in a large food product company. The marketing analysts have recently received undergraduate degrees in business or liberal arts and have been on the job between one and three years. There responsibilities include analyzing the market for the respective products, including competitors; tracking current marketing initiatives; and planning future marketing campaigns. They also need to prepare quarterly sales and expenses reports for there products and estimated budget for the next three quar-their products and estimated budgets the next three quarters; to prepare these reports, they need to obtain data from financial and accounting analysts assigned to their products.

When they first started on the job, you look each marketing analyst through the reporting cycles, explaining what need to be done and how to accomplish it and emphasizing the need for timely reports. Although preparing the reports can be tedious, you think the task is pretty straightforward and be easily to accomplished if the analysts plan ahead and allocate sufficient time for it. When reporting time approaches, you remind the analysts through email messages and emphasize the need for accurate and timely reports in team meetings.

You believe this element of the analysts’ jobs couldn’t be more straightforward. However, at the end of each quarter the majority of the analysts submit their reports a day or two late, and, worse yet your own supervisor (to whom the reports are eventually given) has indicated that information is often missing and sometimes the reports contain errors. Once you started getting flak from your supervisor about this problem, you decided you had better fix things quickly. You met with marketing analysts, explained the problem, told them to submit the reports to you a day or two early so you could look them over, and more generally emphasized that they really needed to get their act together. Unfortunately thing have not improved much and you are spending more and more of your own time doing the reports.

Question is: What are you going to do?

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