blood pressure lab report 1

I have already produced the introduction and methods part of the report. Full instructions are attached. I also attached the data that should be used.

1.Results. Include at least one graph and a summary table. Each table and graph should have descriptive titles. Make sure you submit a summary table, not a restatement of raw data. I smile when I see calculated measures of central tendency (mean and median) and some measure of spread. Excel can do most of those calculations for you. Your graph should show blood pressure class averages for each body position. You do not need a narrative in this section for this lab report.

2. Summary (4-5 paragraphs) Explain your data by using information you introduced in your introduction. Make sure to demonstrate you understand the underlying physiology explaining why blood pressure changes in response to changes in body position. Refer to your table and graph and point out any important data. If your results did not match your expected results, write a paragraph suggesting one reason your results might have been different from the expected results.

Comments I got for the first part of the lab report and I need fixed: Your methods has a lot of information you could add to the introduction. Methods, provide a brief overview how you collected the data.

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