build 2 buildings using revit with a powerpoint presentation for 1 uab humanities building and 2 uab blazer hall 1

Congratulations! You have been selected to provide Revit Design & Engineering Services on 2 buildings of your choice. The goal is to “pitch” your work to a potential client and show off your capabilities modeling in Revit.

Use Google Maps to select 2 site locations and create a Marketing Presentation showing a potential client your team’s capabilities with BIM for planning and construction in order to win the official project design.

Project Goals:

Work collaboratively with a partner to construct 2 Buildings on from Google Maps focusing on developing a complete package or plan for the construction of the project.

You may choose to model the following:

  • A large to medium size building on Campus
  • A small residential house or apartment
  • A skyscraper
  • A historical structure
  • A unique project of your own choosing
  • Optional – Create a 3D Detail showing Rebar or Structural Steel Connections (to be discussed in class)

Your team must submit the buildings you plan to model


  • Revit Models
  • Powerpoint with Screen Shots of Each Model

Create Building Models by Discipline:

Foundations &


Exterior Skin &

Interior Walls

Site / Site Logistics & Construction Schedule

Powerpoint May Contain:

Overall Floor Plans by Level

Two Exterior Elevations

3D Views

Quantity Schedules

Construction Sequences

Construction Schedule


Optional Quantity Takeoff Schedules:

Concrete (CY)

Structural Steel (TN)

Site Cut / Fill (CY)

Bricks (SF)

Glazing (SF)

Roofing (SF)

Interior Walls (SF & LF)

Ceilings (SF)

Rooms (SF)

Doors (Interior & Exterior)

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