business communication 82

You are a consultant and have been hired to improve the effectiveness of corporate trainers. These trainers frequently make presentations to employees on topics such as conflict management, teamwork, time management, problem solving, performance appraisals, and employment interviewing. Your goal is to teach these trainers how to make better presentations.

Your Task. Create six visually appealing slides based on the following content, which will be spoken during your presentation titled Effective Employee Training. The comments shown here are only a portion of a longer presentation.

Trainers have two options when they make presentations. The first option is one-way communication in which the trainer basically dumps the information on the audience and leaves. The second option is a two-way approach that involves the audience. The benefits of the two-way approach are that it helps the trainer connect with the audience and reinforce key points, it increases audience retention rates, and it changes the pace and adds variety to the presentation. The two-way approach also encourages audience members to get to know each other. Because today’s employees demand more than just a talking head, trainers must engage their audiences by involving them in a dialogue.

If you decide to interact with your audience, you need to choose an approach that suits your delivery style. Also, think about which options your audience would be likely to respond to most positively. Let’s consider some interactivity approaches now. Realize, though, that these ideas are presented to help you get your creative juices flowing. After reading the list, think about situations in which these options might be effective. You could also brainstorm to come up with creative ideas to add to this list.

Ask employees to guess at statistics before revealing them.

Ask an employee to share examples or experiences.

Ask a volunteer to help you demonstrate something.

Ask the audience to complete a questionnaire or worksheet.

Ask the audience to brainstorm or list things as fast as possible.

Ask a variety of question types to achieve different purposes.

Invite the audience to work through a process or examine an object.

Survey the audience.

Pause to let the audience members read something to themselves.

Slide Design Criteria

For your presentation you will be evaluated by a number of criteria:

  • Strong opening slide
  • Message headings
  • Prominent visual component
  • Conciseness of information
  • Relationship between content and visual aides
  • Writing mechanics
  • General public speaking skills


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