businesses adapting to different global pandemic example corona virus

  1. Select a topic centered around Strategic Management. It could be a topic discussed in class, a current event, or a relevant article related to the class material. As only a suggestion you may discuss a combination of the following based on your topic:
  2. Discuss its importance and how it fits into the whole theme of Strategic Management
  3. Discuss how companies use your identified term or subject to develop their strategic plan and gain a strategic advantage.
  4. Discuss the methods you would use to consult with a struggling company and develop a strategic plan.
  5. or develop your own plan for the assignment based around strategic management.
  6. Nothing

Paper Specifications

1. APA format (Links to an external site.)(Proper citations, headings, spacing, etc.)
2. Use at least 3 peer reviewed articles as source documentation.
3. Minimum of 5 -7 pages.
4. Can be turned in before the due date.

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