Essay Writing: 19 Tips to Improve Your Productivity

essay writingIt is only natural that essay writing is not one of your favorite things to do. The difficulties that arise can ruin your plans for the whole weekend. There will be no time to relax with friends, and you will have to forget about dancing in the club. Only loneliness in the library and you slowly types a little awkward text using the keyboard.

The good news is that you can save your weekend and social life.

Essay writing tips

1.    Clutter up the table with anything. 

Shocking, isn’t it? A bit different from what your mother told you. People strive for order. Nobody wants to waste time looking for lost information or items. Yet in 2015, a scientific study from the University of Groningen yielded terrific results. Scientists from the Netherlands have found that people working in chaos try to create a sense of order by setting well-defined goals and ultimately achieve them faster.

2.    Use multiple monitors. 

According to Microsoft, using more than one screen can increase your productivity from 9% to 50%. Use different devices if possible. For example, you can use a tablet for research and a laptop for writing essays.

3.    Use the same table (at least from time to time). 

A 2013 Business Insider study found a 10% increase in productivity, higher energy levels, and improved concentration due to using the same desk.

4.    Pomodoro technique. 

An alternative work and leisure option for maximum productivity. Developed in the late 1980s, this tactic involves dividing work into intervals, typically 25 minutes long, followed by short breaks (5-10 minutes). These intervals are called “Pomodoro’s” (which translates from Italian as “tomatoes”) because Francesco Cirilo, the author of this method, used a kitchen timer in the shape of a tomato for self-control.

5.    Drink plenty of water. 

In a study from the University of the East London School of Psychology, participants drank three glasses of pure water before starting a test in which they had to press a button when they noticed an object on a screen. This group’s response was at least 14% faster than in the control group, who did not drink anything. Freshwater is essential when writing an essay.

6.    Laugh. 

A recent study at Loma Linda University in Southern California found that laughter, or just feeling fun, improves brain function by lowering stress hormones. So, a reasonable amount of funny YouTube videos (up to 15 minutes) can help.

7.    Take breaks with someone. 

A little conversation during a holiday will guarantee a 15% increase in productivity. Isn’t that the perfect reason to call your friends?

8.    Do not be distracted. 

Conversations and other social media can wait. If you need help fixing distractions, there are a considerable number of unique applications that can help you with this (Anti-Social, Freedom Leech Block, to name just a few).

9.    Don’t check your email. 

The unpredictable nature of incoming messages can make email checking aggravating. However, your life will be much easier if you make it a rule to check your email 2-3 times a day, but never before doing something important, especially in the morning.

10.  Synchronization of data. 

Dropbox, Google Drive, Tresorit and many other services will allow you to access documents from anywhere in the world. You have no more lost essays! No dog will eat your homework again!

11.  Kill your inner perfectionist. 

It will take too long to try to perfect your essay. Recent research has shown that there is no need to be the best college student to succeed in life.

12.  Spend 5-10 minutes reading inspiringly. 

An inspirational quote from a famous person can get you going. “If you ’re busy thinking about the same thing, you will never accomplish anything.” (Bruce Lee)

13.  Use your willpower wisely. 

Its quantity is limited. With the many temptations of the modern world, your will is often overextended. Don’t eat a low-calorie diet and study before exams at the same time.

14.  Get enough sleep. 

Numerous studies have shown that getting enough sleep (at least 7 hours) is extremely important for academic success, including essay writing. Sleep loss will turn you off.

15.  Exercise. 

Among other health benefits, regular exercise is beneficial for your relational memory, according to a 2014 study from the University of Illinois.

16.  Practice typing on your computer. 

It can help you type 50 to 100% faster.

17.  Use exposure to background noise. 

Surprisingly, science has proven that some background noise enhances creativity and productivity. If your room is too quiet, apps like Confinity or Simply noise can help fill the space with sound.

18.  Don’t try to be too optimistic. 

It’s always better to be yourself. Recent research has shown that only optimists can relax and hope for a job well done. Conversely, pessimists can increase their productivity by 30% when they think about the worst possible outcomes and want to avoid them. So, what’s the worst thing that can happen if you fail to complete your essay the way it should?

19.  Stop doing everything yourself. 

Separation of obligations is essential for performance. You are not alone, and getting help with your essays can be easier than you think.

With such mini habits, essay composition can be made accessible. Learn smarter and enjoy dramatic increases in your productivity.


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APA Methods Section: Useful Tips for Writing

Have you been given a research paper to write? As it’s an important part of your paper, be ready to learn how to write the APA methods portion. It is written in order to explain to any other researcher what techniques you have used while researching the subject. If you format the APA methods section the correct way, it will be possible in the future to replicate your experiment. That’s why you should do whatever you can to make the writing of the process section as comprehensive as possible. Say who was interested in the experiment, what tools and resources were used, what actions helped to achieve the desired outcome. Take into account that, using Past Tense as you have already done the research and have some findings, you need to talk about it. Check what exactly you need to include to apply a valuable research paper in your APA method section.


It is a must-have chapter that should contain subheadings. Each subsection consists of descriptions of the participants in the study, the materials used, the nature of the research, and the peculiarities of the procedure itself.


APA MethodsWho participated in your experiment? Provide all the details of the participants, including details such as number, age, sex, race, etc. Take into account that you need to know what theory you have used to choose participants for your research. Have you randomly selected them? To do so, it is probable. You should write that the random approach was used in this situation.

You will need to say why these individuals, whether they had a certain motivation or not, took part in your study. Why should you send the participants as much details about them? It is done in order to help other researchers do the same and continue their studies or discuss those things that they may disagree with. You can ask for expert support if you find it hard to arrange all the pieces of information in this section.


It is the portion of methods where you can inform your target audience about the materials that you used in the research process. What kind of equipment was used to collect the required data is very important to remember. There are instruments such as microscopes and other equipment used in scientific experiments in most cases. Write about the tests you have used, as each test has its inventor, listing their names. Answer the question: “How are the materials reliable?” “And offer their objective evaluation.


To choose from, there is more than one design choice. You need to note which one you used in your research. Don’t forget to tell the reader about all the variables that can influence the outcomes of the study. Make it clear to the reader what kinds of variables in the experiment were (dependent and independent).


It is one of the key sections of your segment on APA methods. Here, you need to tell us more about how the experiment was performed. Describe the specifics of each step-in. You shouldn’t, however, have too much knowledge that is not useful to the reader. Share only the most significant specifics of the whole process. Mention the points for further analysis that may have some significance. Explain what you did and how you did it specifically. The primary thing here is to write about it so that it would not be difficult for other researchers to replicate the experiment following the notes you have made. Note that all of the directions you have provided to your research participants need to be listed.

Expert Tips for APA Methods Section Writing

When writing the APA method section, there are some things to bear in mind. This style of formatting assumes you can obey strict regulations. Here are the tips for writing an error-free portion of research paper methods.

  • Make sure to use plain words that can be understood. If you use them, clarify all the basic words.
  • In Active Voice, rather than in Passive Voice, present your scientific narrative.
  • Write the italics for the names of your subsections and put them at the center of the page.
  • Make sure that plain, comprehensible language is used. If you use them, clarify all the particular words.
  • In Active Voice rather than in Passive Voice, present your scientific narrative.
  • Write italics for the names of your subsections and put them in the center of the page.
  • Include only relative details. Your responsibility is to be transparent and succinct and include as many specifics as possible. You are able to skip it if you know that any point or circumstance will not affect the replication of the experiment. The key concept is to have the possibility for other researchers to obey your directions without any problems and repeat your experiment.
  • Do not forget that the whole portion of the APA system should be written in the Past Grammar Tense. It’s the only right form of writing.
  • Before the publication of the research results, check the guide on how to format your research paper using an APA formatting style.
  • Edit the document and proofread it. To make sure that your paper does not contain misprints, plagiarized concepts, and other mistakes, it is very important to use grammar checkers and plagiarism checkers. You risk failing otherwise. You are advised to entrust this piece of work to skilled research paper writers if you lack the time or expertise for editing. They know how to format the section of the APA method the correct way and can ensure that your paper is free of errors of any kind. Experts can mark them if there are any and polish the paper before the deadline.


It’s not as simple as ABC to write the APA methods portion. You need to focus all your attention on the experimental procedure’s detailed summary. Include the necessary data and make sure that the experiment can be replicated on its own by other researchers. Follow the above tips, and in the APA formatting style, you will find it easier to complete the method portion. Know that asking experienced writers to review your draft and polish it is a smart idea. This is how you can be confident that a valuable piece of writing that is insightful and well-structured will be submitted.

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Who invented homework, and why is it still essential?

Most students return home from classes to proceed with their school homework. Most being the loved type of homework. Although many undervalue these activities, there are loads of advantages of stimulating exercises outside of school. Majority of students accept that homework began as a discipline. Things being what they are, is this valid? When was homework developed?

The creator of homework

HOMEWORKThe dearest after school movement may have existed for more than you might suspect. Students of history can follow the start of homework back to the hours of ancient Rome. Pliny the Younger, a speech educator during the primary century AD. He supported one of his students to complete rhetoric work outside of his school lessons. After starting this extra training, Pliny’s student saw improvement in his abilities.

Although some think about Pliny the Younger as the innovator of homework, most people distinguish Roberto Nevilis as the advanced type of homework writer. In Venice, Italy, in 1905, the exacting instructor Nevilis assigned out his students’ homework’s for the absolute first time. He saw that they were not performing to the most astonishing aspect of their capacity. Nevilis needed his students to have extra training with expectations of bettering their studies. In this way, he made homework’s for them. Regardless of whether this was a demonstration of discipline stays proven wrong. Historians couldn’t say whether Nevilis did this to let his students’ vengeance or if he did it to give extra training.

Why is homework still necessary?

HOMEWORKRegardless of whether Nevilis instituted homework as a discipline, many teachers began to see upgrades with their students after doing homework’s. By assigning assignments, Nevilis accepted that students would have better freedom by choosing when and where they wish to finish their work. Today, many students have these equal choices. You can do homework whenever or any spot that appears to be the best fit.

The degree of trouble of assignments may have changed throughout the most recent 100 years. You may feel that your teachers give homework’s that has nothing to do with the current exercise. For homework to be helpful, it should rehash and underline what you realized in class. It should also incorporate activities that permit you to grow your reasoning, empowering you to think on the off chance that you experience difficulty with sorting out the right homework’s answers. At that point, there are useful sites like that assist you with being effective with your learning.

Roberto Nevilis assigned the absolute first type of homework’s more than 100 years prior. Today, we can express gratitude toward him for his commitments to the cutting-edge arrangement of learning. Whether you appreciate doing homework, it permits you to feature what you realized in the classroom. On the off chance that you battle with finding the right homework answers or understanding the material, Nursing Writers Den is here to help! Type in your inquiry, and one of the phenomenal coaches can address your inquiry. All you should do is join, and you can finish your assignments!


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Five ways to quickly improve your academic essay writing skills

essay writingAcademic essay writing, once they know the fundamentals of writing an essay, is a style that everyone can learn to produce. An academic essay should include a solid, debatable argument that is then backed, whether from other sources or from one’s own study, by relevant facts. A common collection of guidelines is followed by most studies. Remembering some basic concepts for the writing of academic essays will allow you, even if you are under a time crunch, to produce useful, compelling articles

Make an outline. Know what you are going to write about before you start writing.

It is important to know what you want to say before you can begin writing an essay. Before you start writing your essay, the best way to narrow down a thesis and construct a proper case is to make a simple outline. There are the following elements in the basic framework of an academic essay: an introduction that concerns the thesis; the essay body, which should contain separate paragraphs discussing proof that supports the thesis; and a conclusion that links and connects it to the thesis. A strong guide is to have at least three solid points that explicitly support your thesis when it comes to how much proof can be used in an academic essay.

Acquire a solid understanding of basic grammar, style, and punctuation.

If you want your research to be noticed and taken seriously, grammar, style, and punctuation are extremely important. Make sure you have a solid understanding of basic grammar before writing an essay. The fundamentals of grammar include verb and subject agreement, proper use of articles and pronouns, and well-formed structures of sentences. Make sure you know the right uses for punctuation in the most common forms of punctuations. Be mindful of your use of the comma and know when a period is needed. Lastly, voice is important in academic essay writing. Whenever possible, consider using the active voice instead of the passive one (e.g., “this study found” instead of “it was found by this study”). This will make your essay’s sound better. Be certain that your vocabulary is succinct. Avoid terms of change that add little to the expression and needless wordiness that detracts from the point.

Use the right vocabulary. Know what the words you are using actually mean.

Especially in academic essay writing, how you use language is important. Know that you are attempting to convince people while writing an academic article that you are an expert who can make an intelligent case. The use of big words just to sound smart sometimes results in the opposite effect; when someone is overcompensating in their prose, it is simple to spot. You risk using it incorrectly if you are not sure of the exact meaning of a word. You should remember this before you pull out the thesaurus to shift the perfectly good word to something entirely different. Using obscure words can also take away from the meaning of your point.

Understand the argument and critically analyze the evidence.

essay writingYou should always have your key point in mind in the course of writing an academic essay. Although going off on a tangent about some fascinating side note to your subject could be tempting, doing so will make your writing less concise. Often dispute any facts in your article that you include; Ask yourself, “does this directly support my thesis?” If the answer is “no,” then the proof is likely to be omitted. Be critical and thorough when you are analyzing facts. To back up your thesis, you want to use the most effective study. All that you include should have a direct relation to your subject and your argument.

Know how to write a proper conclusion that supports your research.

The conclusion is one of the most neglected fields of academic essay writing. In order to prove your thesis, your conclusion is what binds all your study together. It should not be a reaffirmation of your presentation or a copy-and-paste of your dissertation itself. A proper conclusion easily summarizes the primary facts examined in the body of an article and explicitly relates it to the thesis to explain how the main point of one’s study is proven or disproved by this evidence. Countless great essays have been published, only to be derailed by ambiguous assumptions that are weakly worded. Do not let one of those be your next essay.

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What are the disadvantages of thesis review

thesis reviewA thesis review prepared for defense is usually designed by an experienced specialist in the given field of knowledge. The list of reviewers is approved by the university’s issuing department long before the defense begins, so each reviewer has the opportunity to familiarize himself in advance with the topic of work or projects and select for evaluation those that are most consistent with the profile of his main activity. Thus, shortcomings in the thesis review, an example of which is usually considered in consultations by scientific supervisors, is an opportunity for the graduate to avoid many finished work defects.

The essence of the comments that are usually expressed in a thesis review

Since the reviewer usually has a lot of production practice, he finds most of the shortcomings precisely in the project’s practical part or work. Moreover, the time for reviewing is limited (no more than 2-3 days), and it is not possible to delve into the theoretical provisions in a short period. Most often, reviewers note in their comments:

  1. Carelessness in the work design (both in the text and in the visual and graphic materials).
  2. Lack of documents or certificates on the base enterprise’s readiness/institution to implement a part of the presented results.
  3. Punctuation or spelling errors in the text.
  4. Lack of some logical conclusions that are important from the point of view of the reviewer.
  5. Unconvincing explanations of the results obtained, which are not accompanied, moreover, by figures or diagrams.

More significant shortcomings are usually noted in reviews of the master’s thesis, which is explained by the reviewers’ higher qualifications. Deficiencies in the thesis’s assessment are examples of how sometimes there is not enough time for a performer to document the results of his many months of work properly.

Way out of the situation

thesis reviewAn experienced leader of a thesis project or work, taking into account possible problems with the review, usually considers the work’s intermediate results in advance and advises the performer on the identified weaknesses. But this is not always the case: many students do not come to consultations, as a result of the error it is merely impossible to correct it due to lack of time. The way out is simple: in case of the threat of such time trouble, a graduate student can always turn to our authors for qualified help, who have the opportunity to prepare high-quality materials for diploma design. Usually, the author’s selection is made upon the presentation of the topic of the upcoming thesis by the graduate student.

Cooperation can be fruitful only if the appeal is timely. After all, no specialist, even if of the highest qualifications, will prepare materials in a few days or even weeks. Formally, one can observe everything, but the lack of logic in statements, insufficient amount of calculations, graphical errors and shortcomings are the most apparent evidence of haste. The weaknesses of the review of the thesis, an example and a list discussed above, may cause a not very high assessment in defense.

To avoid these troubles, the graduate student should:

  • Prepare in advance for transfer to the author all the amount of initial information requested by him for work on the thesis or work.
  • Coordinate intermediate results with the supervisor and inform our author about all wishes and clarifications.
  • Regularly consult the author regarding the content of the sections of the work prepared for the defense.

If all these wishes are fulfilled, then problems with a positive review rarely arise.


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What should the supervisor’s review contain?

thesis reviewIn the scientific world, to successfully defend yourself, you need to go through a winding path consisting of stages characterized by varying degrees of difficulty. It is not enough to take. Typically, thesis review indicates the student’s personal qualities, how suitable he is for research work, what prospects he has, as a future scientist, etc. . It would be best if you also collected various opinions on it, including feedback from the supervisor. It, in turn, is a rather important document, which, as a rule, is attached to a diploma or dissertation work. It describes the pros and cons of the proposed material, its relevance, and the possibility of using it in the future.

Typically, thesis review indicates the student’s personal qualities, how suitable he is for research work, what prospects he has, as a future scientist, etc. Thesis review, in most cases, is written positively, trying to present the student from the best side, especially if the material being researched goes to some competition.

It is the scientific leader of the project who is aware of all the pitfalls in the diploma or dissertation because his duties include monitoring the writing of the theoretical part and, accordingly, implementing the practical one.

He is also the one who knows best what a student or graduate student is capable of. Sometimes, it can play a cruel joke, especially if the supervisor dislikes or, conversely, overestimates his pupil.

In this article, we will tell you what should contain the supervisor’s reviews, left for different types of research work, and see how exactly they are drawn up.

Feedback on the student competition of thesis review

thesisWhen submitting work for the competition, a thesis review from the supervisor must be attached to the documents, which contains the characteristics of the student and the aspects of the material being studied, the involvement of the applicant for the award in the research etc.

The form of writing is arbitrary, but it has specific starting points. First, it is indicated on whose scientific work the review is being written, then the title follows. As a rule, it is printed in bold and placed in the middle, like a heading.

What follows is the text itself, showing the author of the work from the good side. It describes the student, describes his ability to interact with the proposed material, and the provided list of recommended literature.

The central part of the document should include a list of tasks that the applicant for the award could solve by conducting his research. The result achieved by him, obtained during these studies, is also indicated.

This document can help the reviewer form his opinion on the work received and how effective its results are. A positive factor will be the circumstance review author writes in detail where and how one can apply the activity results.

Feedback on thesis review

The first sufficiently serious research in any student’s life is, of course, writing a diploma. It can be called the practical result of the long-term work of the graduate student. To successfully defend yourself, it still does not hurt to know some of the subtleties, including those encountered when drawing up this type of document.

As a rule, the volume is no more than two pages. The main text provides a brief analysis. Typically, the review begins by specifying the type of work. Next comes the name of the student. This information is centered.

The central part indicates the relevance of the topic touched upon, its novelty, and how competently it is revealed in the text. It should be noted that a precise sequence in the presentation of the diploma research is also essential. A separate item indicates the student’s skill in using teaching materials and various literary sources.

Feedback on dissertation work

A dissertation review is not much different from writing a review of a thesis. But there are also nuances here that must be adhered to:

  1. The review should indicate the prospect of further research and how much it is possible to implement the results of specific dissertation work in practice.
  2. In such a document, as a rule, controversial points are also noted. They usually need to be reviewed, reworked. But in general, these flaws should not be presented as critical.
  3. Even if some weaknesses are identified in the dissertation, it will be better if the supervisor presents them as questions for discussion.

As a rule, a recommendation for protection for an appropriate academic degree is written

in the last part.

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