cause and effect 20

Essay II: Cause and Effect with Research

Research an author on the syllabus. Decide on an event in theindividual’s life which you think may have affected his/her work. Maybe one incident influenced a number of literary works or a number of events are evident in one of the author’s works. Compose a pre-write in which the thesis and each topicexpresses a cause or effect idea. For example: “Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novels were influenced by his relationship with Margaret Fuller while at Brook Farm.” Or “Gwendolyn Brooks’ association with the Harlem Renaissance caused her to change the topic and tone of her writing.” Or

“Gerard Manly Hopkins studies for the priesthood influenced his poems.” First, each event needs to be documented from a biography of the writer. Then, each work that you suggest was a result of the event needs to be analyzed and quoted from to illustrate your point.You must use PGCC data base for your research.

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