chapter 10 titled social protest affirmation begins

Chapter 10, titled Social Protest / Affirmation begins by addressing the fact that “Protest art is a form of affirmation because it is based on respect for human dignity and the belief that change is possible.”

This chapter is full of images of war, horror, death, oppression and enslavement. These artwork are not trying to glorify these atrocities, but they are trying to bring attention to the problems.

For this discussion topic, I want you to choose one image from Chapter 10, and make a connection on how it is relevant in todays world (anywhere in the world).

Here are the steps for this discussion board topic:

1. Choose an image from Ch 10. Upload it to your post.

2. Make a contemporary connection âžž to your image from Ch 10. Basically, tell us why the image you chose relates to “todays” world.

Please follow the numbered format for your post:

    1. Embedded Image
    2. Image information (Title, artist, medium (what it is made of, date)
    3. Tell us in your own words, what the artwork is about.
    4. Tell us, why you think that this image is related to todays world.
      • Be specific; use an example of a current issue that relates to the ideas from your selected image from Ch 10.

The goal of this discussion topic is for you to make a connection from an artwork in the textbook (Ch 10) to a current issue. That means you may have to do a little research in understanding the original work and a current issue.

Please do not copy and past information from the textbook or any websites. The most important part of this assignment is the connection that you can make in your own words

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