chapter 7 individual assignment 1

instructions: You are to answer the following questions in your own words, based on your review of the chapter material and additional online research. I am well aware of the online sources with the answers to all of these questions, both free and paid. You will not receive credit for this assignment if I have any reason to believe that any of your answers are copied or paraphrased from another source and are not based on your own understanding of the chapter material and the question(s). These assignments are aimed at enhancing your learning of the subject, assessing your understanding of the subject and assisting you in successfully being tested on the subject.

Formula for successful submissions:

  1. Clear and accurate answers; insightful, specific.
  2. Answers address the questions clearly and fully, showing higher level analysis and synthesis of concepts and uses course vocabulary.
  3. All facts are accurate and relate back to the answer. If material/sources other than the text is used, student provided adequate and appropriate citations throughout assignment.
  4. Works cited are formatted in the correct MLA style.
  5. Use of correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation; well organized; one idea follows another in a logical sequence with clear transitions; questions stated before answers; format easy to navigate.

Source: Grading Rubric for Written Assignments – From Blackboard Inc. Website: Karen Lynden is a Business Instructor, at the Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, whose course won an Exemplary Course Program award. This grading rubric for Writing Assignments includes criteria such as Reasoning and Analysis, Focus, Accuracy of Facts and Citations, MLA, and Mechanics/Organization.

Answer the following questions, based on the material in Chapter 7, Development Strategies; Toolkit C – Systems Analyst’s Toolkit: Financial Analysis Tools; and Toolkit D – Systems Analyst’s Toolkit – Internet Resource Tools.

  • What are the pros and cons of in-house development versus purchasing a system? Identify pros and cons for both approaches.
  • What are main steps in the software acquisition process?
  • What is an RFP, and how does it differ from an RFQ?
  • Explain the relationship between logical and physical design.
  • How has the proliferation of mobile devices affected IT professionals?
  • Review Part C of the Systems Analyst’s Toolkit: Financial Analysis Tools and review the concept of net present value (NPV). Determine the NPV for the following:

An information system will cost $110,000 to implement over a one-year period and will produce no savings during that year. When the system goes online, the company will save $45,000 during the first year of operation. For the next four years, the savings will be $30,000 per year. Assuming a 12 percent discount rate, what is the NPV of the system?

Show your analysis in the form of a Microsoft Excel table and a graph.

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