choose a topic and write a topic proposal on it

choose one of the following topics as the focus of your research paper:

  1. How Does Language Influence Our World?
  2. How Does What We Eat Define Who We Are?

Once you have chosen a topic, write a proposal essay that includes the following:

  • A draft introduction for your paper that includes some context on your topic and your planned thesis statement/argument about your topic. A topic is general; a thesis statement is a specific argument about a topic.
  • At least 3 specific research sources (NOT from the textbook) sources where you will find information to support your thesis statement. A specific source is a book, an article posted at a website or a webpage containing specific information. A general website, such as is not a specific source. You should explain how each these sources will be valuable to you in supporting your argument.
  • An explanation of a counterargument that will be a part of your paper. This should be an explanation of how one might argue against your thesis, and your rebuttal of that counterargument.

Research Sources: You must use at least 2academically-appropriate research sources in this assignment. Your research sources must be college-level sources. You MAY NOT use the following sources:

  • Dictionaries (online or in print)
  • Encyclopedias (online or in print)
  • Wikipedia
  • Study guides
  • Papers written by other students (online or in print)

For information about appropriate sources, visit the Handouts and Help at the Blackboard class site.


  • Be sure to use in-text citations for ALL quotes and examples from the text. In addition, you MUST have a Works Cited page at the end of your writing assignment.
  • Do not use first person (I, we, us, our) or second person (you, your, you’re). Academic writing often requires the use of third person and a formal tone; in this course, I want you to practice this type of formal writing. College-level papers should always be written in third person, using a formal tone, unless the assignment/professor specifies otherwise.

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