choose five of the following ten questions

Choose five of the following ten questions and respond in a paragraph of at least five sentences. Use vocabulary we’ve learned and draw explicitly from our readings and course materials. Then upload your response to Canvas before class on 4/6.

1.What would Portes and Zhou say about Huntington’s critique of ‘new’ immigrants to the US?

2.What economic, social, cultural, organizational, and political factors work to initiate international labor migration streams?

3.What economic, social, cultural, organizational, and political factors work to sustain international labor migration streams?

4.Propose two new immigration policies. Using immigration research findings, justify them.

5.Is contemporary immigration more similar or more different to the Ellis Island wave of immigrants? Explain.

6.We’ve spent some time examining context of reception. Explain how it shapes integration outcomes.

7.How does ‘new’ assimilation theory respond to the critiques of ‘old’ assimilation theory?

8.Break up US immigration policy into three of four historical periods. Describe how the policy changed in each period.

9.We reviewed four ways that boundary theory clarifies the dynamics of immigration. Explain at least three of them and give an example of at least two of them.

10.How have federal immigration restrictions increased in the past 25-35 years?

11.Using evidence from the readings, explain the relationship of transnationalism to assimilation.

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