Commemorative Speech

1) Identify a person of your choosing that is NOT famous or a celebrity and prepare a speech no less than four minutes in their honor.2) The person maybe male or female, a relative, friend, teacher, coach, grandparent or adversary.3) The person should be alive but if they have died you may select them if they are the person who most believed in you or inspired you.4) After you have selected the person, you should take a serious amount of time to reflect on what that person means to you, the sacrifice they made for you and the impact that they have made in your life.6) Make no mistake about this assignment! If you do your best, this will be an emotional assignment, but one of the most rewarding ones as well. DO NOT bring me garbage or cheat the one you are honoring!7) Sources are not required since your subjects are everyday hero/shero, mom and pop kind of folks.

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