communication 123

Developing and Leading Effective Teams course

This assignment requires writing a Word document addressing all questions below. Please limit your submission to between two to four double spaced pages, and use proper grammar and sentence structure. If you use any sources for this assignment, please cite the sources at the end of your paper.

Identify each question as a separate heading, then place your response immediately below, before moving on to the next question.

Discussion Questions from Chapter 6

  1. What is the importance of nonverbal communication? Have you ever been in a situation in which nonverbal messages enhanced communication? Have you ever been in a situation in which the lack of nonverbal messages resulted in miscommunication? Please explain.
  2. Think of the most recent meetings you have had to attend for work or school. Was the meeting effective? Were the guidelines for running meetings, as presented in your textbook, followed? Share the success or failure of the meeting.
  3. Think of instances in which you experienced miscommunication as a sender or receiver. What led to the miscommunication? Was there anything done to clarify the miscommunication; if yes, what was done?; if no, what were the results?
  4. What are the major challenges faced by participants in virtual meetings? Are there possible benefits to virtual meetings that do not exist in traditional face-to-face formats?
  5. Think about the teams to which you have belonged. Did you experience psychological safety? How did this affect how you communicated with your team members?
  6. In referring to Emotional Intelligence (EI), explain how EI impacts communication and how it can enhance team performance.


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