Communication Case study

Please respond to this post if you have a communication background or if you are a very proficient essay writer. I need a case study done for my communication class. In reality while the assignment is a case study, there is no major research required. I will upload samples of two case studies so that you can grasp an idea of what I mean by a case study. While the name is called case study it is actually a in depth look at a particular situation.The paper should include; the case study (the case being studied), the communication theory being used ( and its three axioms with explanation), background, analysis, and recomendation.** Really just feel free to go with the flow, just make it sound good and use apa style citation. This is for a sophmore level course so the professor is not expecting anything fancy. The only major thing is to remeber to use the correct communicaton theory and axioms.Again I am uploading sample papers. I dont want anything fancy just make it sound good. just pick a topic and role with it. and yes the actual paper can be a slighly shorter than the sample papers.

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