compare the main movie character ruth bader ginsburg thurgood marshall jeannette walls to the memoir writer what were some important ways they were similar and or different

Final Essay: Comparison between Memoir Character and Movie Character
Due by email on Tuesday, March 24 at 6:00 pm.
Compare the main movie character (Ruth Bader Ginsburg/Thurgood Marshall/Jeannette Walls)
to the memoir writer. What were some important ways they were similar and/or different?
1.Choose at least 3 important ways they were similar and/or different that you will discuss in
the essay. Consider the elements you explored on the prep sheet.
2. Write a thesis that makes a point about the 3 topics you’ve chosen.
3. Write topic sentences that are connected to the thesis point.
4. Write the introduction, which should give brief introductions of both people and end
with the thesis
5. Write the topic paragraphs with examples, quotes, details from the memoir and movie.
6. Write the conclusion. The conclusion should address one or more of these questions:
What can we learn about what it takes be be successful from the stories of these two
What can we learn from the lives of these two people about what might prevent
someone’s success?
Which of these two was more successful in reaching their goals? Why?
How did these stories support or undermine the concept of the American dream?
Which of these characters had more positive freedom? Why?
What do these two stories tell us about the roles of the thinking and feeling brains in
7. Proofread—checking the elements listed below.
A. Name of author—Use last name, not first name, when you refer to the character.
B. Quotations—periods and commas inside all quotation marks used for any reason.
C. Quote Sandwich—check quotes or paragraphs from articles:
• Have you indulged the author’s name and claim to authority?
• Have you included the article title?
• Is the article title in “ “?
• Have you included the source title (magazine, website)?
• Is the source title in italics?
• Have you included commentary that links the quote or paraphrase to the thesis/topic
D. Vague pronouns—especially look for sentences that begin with “this is” and revise.
E. Conciseness—can you eliminate unnecessary words?
• Look for the following phrases: “there is,” “there are,” “it is.” Can they be
• Check the beginning phrases in sentences. Are any of the opening phrases
• Identify unnecessary repetitions of words or phrases.
• Look for unnecessary phrases. Can you eliminate phrases that don’t add
F. Check for comma splices and fragments.


Memoir – Educated by Tara Westover

Movies (choose one) – Glass Castle / On the Basis of Sex / Marshall

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