complete my rhetorical genre analysis essay 1

Hello, I want some one to complete my essay to be 4.5 pages. I already wrote 1.5 pages so all i need is 3 more pages. You can add to my essay to make it 4.5 pages.


The only reference that can be used is the PDF file I attached.

Here are the requirements for the essay:

  • Essay features an in-depth, persuasive rhetorical and genre analysis of a peer-reviewed, academic article, from your major; essay demonstrates highly effective use of quotes from the source to support your clear thesis.
  • Essay analyzes author’s use of rhetorical strategies (ethos, logos).
  • Essay analyzes the Genre of a peer-reviewed article by discussing expectations for structure, language and references (citations).
  • Essay uses proper MLA format and features highly polished writing appropriate for an academic audience with knowledge of rhetorical/genre analysis.

Remember to address the issues about the genre structure, language, and use of references.

Here is my essay:

In the academic journal of “The impact of neglecting user-centered information design principles when delivering online information” Dr. Maria, Dr. David, and Dr. Hey-Won are investigating weather information design principles are important when delivering information or not. They established the results by comparing two websites, Cyber Aware and Get Safe Online. The primary audience for this journal is anyone in the cyber security field. It is also as important to people in the web development industry who are responsible for designing web pages. Also, people interested in the web security can find this journal interesting as it is full of helpful information. The authors established their goals by providing studies and logical deductions, and showing credibility by relying on trusty sources.

The journal was full of studies, charts, statistics, and quotes from experts which is important to persuade readers with reason. Authors did a great job explaining the findings of their study using charts and tables. They also followed up each table with a brief description telling the readers what was accomplished. “The choice of three words to describe the website is illustrated in Table 4.1 and Figure 7.1. The highest choice was the word ‘Accessible’ (31.1%), selected for the Cyber Aware website, and the word ‘Complex’ (23.0%) for the Get Safe Online website.” (Lonsdale et al) Here authors managed to narrow down what is important from the table that was full of results. The purpose for these illustrations is to help audiences understand the situation without wasting time reading through long texts. Authors also made sure to rely on experts when it comes to quoting information. It is important as it is the reason for readers to believe these information. “claimed by Nielsen (2011), users do not stay on a web page for very long. Users usually leave in 10–20 seconds, with the average page visit lasting a little less than a minute.” (Nielsen qtd. In Lonsdale et al) here authors used a quote from Jakob Nielsen who have a Ph.D. in human-computer interaction.

Throughout the article, authors relied on trusty sources to use as a source if information to back up their claims. “As reported in IBM’s Cyber Security Intelligence Index, the vast majority (95%) of security breaches are due to human error” (Lonsdale et al) Here authors used The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) which is a leading computer hardware company as their source of information to strengthen their credibility. They also used governmental office as a source of information. “As noted by GCHQ Director, Robert Hannigan, ‘the baseline of understanding across society and across government is still very low’” (Lonsdale et al) Authors here relied on the Government Communications Headquarters in the United Kingdom (GCHQ) and Robert Hannigan, a cybersecurity specialist, as source of information. Their use of reliable sources has strengthened their credibility and created strong connection with the audience.

Finally, authors managed to establish their goals by persuading reader with studies and logical deductions, and showing credibility by relying on trusty sources. The journal started with an appeal to the readers’ logical reasoning. Throughout the journal, there were a lot of statistics and studies to prove their point. Also, authors managed to illustrate all the tables and chart in the journal to the audience to help them understand it without much effort. There was also many quotes from experts which was a way to persuade readers to believe these information.

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