computational fluid dynamics using jupyter notebook

From Professor’s email:

Hi class,

I will be grading Homework #2 on Sunday, March 29th. Since I won’t look at the submissions until that time, I added a grace period of an extra day to the submission deadline on the course webpage.

1. Please make sure the file you upload contains plots of your results.
2. Attach all of your code.
3. In addition, to reviewing your results (plots). I also look at your code. I try to understand what you are doing and if something looks strange, I will try to run it. It is helpful for me if you add some documentation to your code.

I know many of you work together on homework. I encourage this, but I also want to make sure each of you individually understand the work you are submitting. With the code I have already published and with any code potentially shared amongst you during discussions of the homework, there exists is a gray area of what is plagiarism and what is not.

The key point here is that you need to show me in your own way that you understand how to solve these problems. Some things to remember:

1. Add comments in your code that tell me in your owns words what you are doing. I don’t need paragraphs, but when I review code, I try to follow your line of thought. I want to know what your logic is.

2. Be an editor. Just like you would proof read a final term paper, you should also edit your code. Think to yourself, is that really the best way to do that? Can I improve this line of code to make it more clear to anyone who might use my code what it is doing? Do I really understand this bit of code, or is it just some snippet of code I copied from stackoverflow? Can I make it more concise? Should I use a function here instead?

3. Go beyond just generating the plots I asked for, show me you really understand the steps involved. One way to do this is to test each component of your code. It is a great habit to get into, and you probably already have done a decent amount of debugging why you solved the problem. Why not formalize it? For instance, you could test that the components of your banded matrix are indeed what you expected them to be or that your initial condition looks right.

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