Consequences of Teasing and Bullying in Middle Childhood

Rubric for Research Paper (Psyc 200)

Components Excellent (150-135) Good (134-115) Acceptable (114-85) Unacceptable (84-0) Content/ Vocabulary

Fluency, sequencing, & appropriateness of psychological and/or developmental terms, concepts, theories, & authors’ names.

Good use and linking of psychological and/or developmental terms , concept & theories but lacking fluency

Minimal use of psychological and/or developmental terms , concept & theories but in isolation or use of jargon; name dropping of authors or concepts/theories but insufficient context or explanation

Little or no use of psychological and/or developmental terms , concept & theories or incorrect use; cliché’s, idiom’s, and colloquialisms

Statement of Problem/Thesis

Thesis is compelling, genuinely debatable, focused, specific, and arguable

Thesis is clear and debatable, but may have shifting focus and/or specificity

Thesis is vague or pedestrian, raises some debate, but lacks focus and/or specificity

Thesis is limited, unclear, trite, inconsistent or absent, and lacks focus and specificity

Conceptualization Integrating or synthesizing psychological and/or developmental concepts in original and innovative way

Integrated psychological and/or developmental concepts or theories

Clear presentation of psychological and/or developmental sequenced concepts or theories

Little or no use of concepts or theories; may show some knowledge of psychological and developmental concept or theory, but does not demonstrate clear understanding

Organization Clear focus and use of appropriate/consistent tense and tone. Evidence of planned organization of thought having a clear connection from the beginning (introduction), through the middle , to the conclusion

Logical organization. Focused on a purpose—suitable tone and use of chronology. Focus wanders a bit in a few places but whole of the paper is organized in a logical manner

Attempt to establish and maintain purpose and communicate with the reader

Unsuccessful attempt to establish and communicate purpose to the reader

Argument/ State of Purpose

Clear statement examples, sequencing, logical and multiple authorities sources, evidentiary support, current journal sources

Clearly sequenced steps leading to clear conclusion, logical argument with authoritative sources (not necessarily current)

Support by argument and evidence but with weak sources

Presentation of opinion or statement without evidentiary or logical support; illogical argument

Relevance Depth and complexity of ideas—details, reflection, analysis, and thought. Does not digress from main points of the research topic and statement of the problem.

Digresses somewhat from the relevant points or includes irrelevant material in a few places

Several unelaborated idea development and repetitious details

Unelaborated idea development and repetitious details

Cogency –Depth and breadth of

Integration of thought and argument exhibits

Depth of ideas supported by

Lapses in focus and coherence of research

Lacks focus and coherence. Use of

insight, reasoning, and understanding

depth of understanding for the research topic

relevant details for research topic. Logic falters in a few places

topic. Use of simplistic and awkward sentence in places

simplistic and awkward sentences. Use of imprecise and simplistic language.

Mechanics No errors and excellent sentence structure, word usage and fluency, correct number of pages for paper

Few or no errors, but sentence structure could improve and correct number of pages for assignment

A few overlooked errors, did not meet correct number of pages for assignment

Several errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and/or sentence structure showing carelessness, did not meet correct number of pages for assignment

APA Style Written in APA style; title page correctly formatted, body of paper double spaced, indentation & margins pagination, citations and separate reference page formatted

APA style with a few errors

APA style but several errors in cover page content, page enumeration, format (margins & indentation), headers, citation & reference format

Not in APA style

References Predominance of sound primary peer- reviewed authorities sources, use of secondary sources correctly, recent journals, in-text citations, accessible references, 3+ peer- reviewed sources

Use of secondary sources, accessible references, 3 sources but not all peer-reviewed sources

Personal communication or popular sources predominate; variable citation permanence

No resources referenced

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