create a functioning website built wtih html and styled with css


Our second project will be to create a functioning website built wtih HTML and styled with CSS that will incorporate:

images and links out to more images


reproducible layout/structure

multiple pages (a home page and 1 subpage)

The theme will be a showcase of 1 city from any country in Africa of your choosing. An example would be: Egypt > Cairo. The site will consist of a homepage and 1 subpage. The homepage will serve as an introduction to the content and all content will be gathered from wikipedia.



nav menu including country’s flag as logo (nav links to city-specific page, and two other external links)



an intro

a piece of historical information (2 paragraphs in two columns, with H tags, em, strong, and inline styling)

paragraph talking about the city that you use as your subpage

link to city-specific subpage

The city-specifc subpage will include the following:

an introduction

a hero image

vital stats: population, density, demonym, other wiki info (IN LISTS, ordered and unordered) 3 Columns

a google map of the city

images of 3 different buildings

information on each of the 3 buildings

a piece of historical information

a quote with a cite

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