creative writing assignment 20

This is my story.

JOURNAL ENTRY: A week after their wedding, Nolan and Amanda were filled with excitement and decided to go out for dinner to their favorite restaurant. As the couple strolled down the street, Jack, Amanda’s ex-boyfriend emerged holding a gun in his hands. Jack hadn’t taken his breakup with Amanda so lightly and wanted to get revenge against Amanda for dumping him. With a murderous look in his face, Jack pointed the gun towards Nolan ready to end Nolan’s life in a flash. Nolan froze on his feet as he stared at Jack, his eyes filled with fear and despair. Amanda screamed at the top of her voice begging Jack to stop. As Nolan said his last words, a police car on patrol suddenly appeared from nowhere stopping Jack before he pulled the trigger. Amanda and Nolan remained glued on the spot, even after the police sirens had faded away, trying to digest the events that had just taken place. Jack’s last words were, “You want to live happily ever after, not as long as I am alive. Both of you will die.”

PLOT: (Opening scene) The centers around a love triangle (Jack, Amanda and Nolan).  It includes a past relationship between Jack and Amanda and a new relationship between Amanda and Nolan.  Amanda and Nolan, a week after their wedding, go out to dinner and are excited and happy (opening scene). Jack shows up where Amanda and Nolan are and points a gun at them (opening conflict). Jack is not over the relationship with Amanda and he is seeking revenge against her (rising conflict).  She has moved on and even married someone else.  Jack will not allow Amanda to be happy since he is not happy so he tells them he will kill them both (rising conflict).  He will not let her go from the relationship, even though it is already over.  When the police happen to arrive just in time, they apprehend Jack and his plan to kill Amanda and Nolan is thwarted (climax).  Amanda and Nolan realize that they are safe and that Jack is now in the custody of the police (ending or resolution). 


Step 1. Write the first version of your ending where you turn it into propaganda for your theme. This is the preachy ending.

Step 2. Write the second version of your ending, where you subtly weave your theme into action and character. Obviously, this is the ending you want to choose for the rough draft of your story – or an ending with a similar light touch.

Sample endings with theme Don’t copied this 

Ending A. Preachy Ending. The wood cutter unzips the wolf’s tummy and out pops the little girl. The little girl goes to the closet and frees the grandmother. The grandmother pins a big sign on the girl’s red riding hood that says OBEY YOUR PARENTS. She scolds the girl, “Don’t you ever, ever disobey your parents again. See all the trouble you get into if you disobey? Obey! Obey! Obey!”

Ending B. Ending where theme shines more naturally out of action and character. The wood cutter unzips the wolf’s tummy and out pops the little girl. The little girl is in tears. She hugs the wood cutter and then runs to let her grandmother out of the closet.

  “Oh, Grandmother, I am so sorry,” cries the little girl.

  “Shush, Honey, it wasn’t your fault.”

  “But it was! Mama told me not to talk to strangers with raggedy ears, and I didn’t listen to her.” And so on.

Step 3. Decide if you can use your better – more subtle – theme ending for your story. Is there a way to incorporate metaphor and symbol? Again, this could be done but in a subtle way. For example, we could say that when Little Red Riding Hood is freed from the wolf’s belly, she is escaping the prison of disobedience. Too heavy? Possibly, but such interpretations are worth considering as you incorporate details.

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