debate speech paper and powerpoint

Position Paper

The position paper should logically and persuasively defend the side of the debate assigned to the team. The use of headings is encouraged. Teams are required to incorporate real-life examples/cases into the position paper and presentation. The paper must contain at least five external sources (i.e. not the textbooks for the course). The paper must be between five and seven pages, double spaced, 1 inch border, and in size 12 Times New Roman font. Students must use APA for citing the sources. The paper should not be a mirror of the supporting article(s) provided by the instructor. The articles provided by the instructor should be a starting point for further research.

Remember, to be persuasive, you must have a solid understanding of the other side’s position. You must counter some of their potential arguments in your paper in at least one “refuting” paragraph. Your counter-arguments should not encompass your entire paper, but you do need to at least briefly refute the other side’s claims.

See the grading rubric attached to this assignment link for further clarification about what to include in your paper.


Teams will have 10-12 minutes to present their side of the debate. During the initial presentation, each team member must talk. The teams may designate up to two people to present the rebuttal/closing statement. The teams must also come up with a strategy for how they will handle the questioning portion. Failure to answer questions will result in a deduction of points. The clock for responding to the questions starts once the question has been asked.

A grading rubric for presentations is attached. It shows how the presentation will be evaluated.

Visual Aid

The visual aid should support your argument. Do not copy and paste portions of your paper into the visual aid. Utilize the visual aid to your advantage to show, for example, persuasive data or flow charts. The visual aid may be submitted as a PowerPoint, Prezi, Word document, or PDF. Be creative! Students may not incorporate videos into the presentation.

With the visual aid, I am looking for clarity, something that is visually appealing, persuasive, and related to the material.

My group debate title is: Is the social media leading to more positive social movements or to negative social dysfunction.

We are taking the positive side and my main idea is social media will lead to more positive social movements cause there are many positive social media influencers. Also, many job opportunities are created by social media.

you should write a paragraph focus on my main idea about 500 words. Also, you need to create a powerpoint related to the paragraph you write with 4-5 pages long. You should list a speech points for we as well.

The Grading rubric is attached, please look at it and trying to do the best requirements.

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