Design and Sampling

Carefully read the attached article and answer the questions belowIdentify and discuss the following:what is known/not known about the topic and the gap in knowledge the study is intended to fill.the research design, purpose of the study, and setting.information about the sample:method;size;inclusion/exclusion criteria,attrition/loss to follow up/response rate, if any;important characteristics of the sample.Appraise and debate the sampling methods. Consider the following questions:Was the sampling method and inclusion/exclusion criteria adequate to reduce sampling bias?Do the sample characteristics representative of the target population?Was the sample size adequate?Was there a decrease in sample size?  If so, did the researchers identify decreases early and attempt to reduce the impact?  Was a decrease, if any, adequately explained by the researchers?How would you rate the quality of the sampling procedures and your confidence in drawing inferences to the target population?

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