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1) I think that crime can be prevented in a lot of cases like crime prevention theory explains. Here in Nashville about thirty five percent of all motor vehicle thefts are committed because the owner left the keys in the car. Let’s just look at that one crime for a second and think how much money they city’s criminal justice system would save if they did not have the expense of the officers and detectives that investigate and recover the stolen vehicle. The corrections cost as to housing the offender who takes the car and the judicial system that has to adjudicate the case. All of those things could be avoided is someone used weren’t lazy and used common sense to remove the keys out of the vehicle. Not to mention that it is an offense here in the state of Tennessee to leave a vehicle unattended with the keys in the vehicle.  I know that is just one example of the crimes that are being committed. There are many more types of crimes that people become victims of because they do not use common sense or they are just plain stupid as to what is going on around them. The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is also true in law enforcement.



 1) I do believe that crime could be reduced by the examples given in the situational crime prevention theory. Everyday a crime is committed because the criminal had easy access to the victim. Theft from cars is a perfect example. A person arrives home after a long day at works and doesn’t lock their car. They go inside enjoy their evening and then heads to bed, never once thinking to lock the vehicle. The next morning they awake to find their car door open and the contents rifled through. We have had of rash of these crimes in our city. The offenders are not breaking windows to enter these vehicles; they are simply walking up, checking the doors, and if it is locked, they move on to the next vehicle.

  Another example of this is women who leave their purses in buggies at the Walmart or hanging on the back of a chair at the local Wendy’s. These items are in plan view of a would-be thief, and when they are forgotten the criminal simply walks up and walks away with everything inside these purses.

  Situational crime prevention theory could prevent a large amount of criminal activity. By taking away the easiness of the crime; many criminals would be defeated. By knowing one’s surroundings when out on the town, parking in well lighted parking areas, not flashing valuables or large amounts of cash around so that all can see, a person reduces his risk of becoming a victim(Bohm. & Vogel. 2011).



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