discussion 250 words about the proposal

This week’s discussion will provide you with an opportunity to solicit feedback from your classmates about writing the costs and benefits section.

First, offer a brief summary of your proposal to help contextualize the project for your classmates. What’s the issue/problem/opportunity? What’s your project plan and how does it address the issue/problem/opportunity?

Next, address the following questions:

  • What are the costs of your plan? Keep in mind that costs are not limited to monetary costs. Costs are anything that require the use of resources (time and environmental resources, for example).
  • What are the benefits of your plan. As the textbook indicates, “In a proposal or grant, you need to show [readers] the specific advantages of saying yes to your plan” (128). So, what are the advantages to your plan?

Once you’ve established the costs and benefits of your plan, what questions do you have for your classmates? In other words, in what ways can your classmates provide you feedback on the costs and benefits section.

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