discussion 3787

Pick one study from;

  • American Cancer Society: Cancer prevention study 1 (Year begun: 1959) (Main focus: Cigarette smoking and cancer mortality)
  • Honolulu Heart Program 12 (Year begun: 1965) (Main focus: Coronary heart disease and stroke in men of Japanese ancestry)
  • Multicenter AIDS Cohort study (Year begun:1984) (Main focus: Risk factors for HIV in gay men)
  • Women’s health Initiative (WHI) Observational study (Year begun: 1994) (Main focus: Women’s health

1. Using the data from that study, describe the public health problem in terms of magnitude, person, time and place.

2. Discuss the basic epidemiology measures used in the study. Specifically, what measure of risk was used?

3. How was risk calculated? (Hint: Consider a 2 by 2 table to display the data).

4. Do you agree with the authors’ conclusions?

5. What would you infer from the data? Why?

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