discussion paper 59

Prepare: Before responding to this discussion,

Reflect: Metacognitive activities, such as this discussion and the Metacognitive Forums, can help you reflect on your own learning and develop higher-order thinking. For this discussion, reflect on the type of student you currently are in regard to your study techniques, quiz preparation, and daily engagement in the course. Also, think about your progress as an intentional learner by considering each metacognitive step: mulling, connecting, rehearsing, attending, expressing, assessing, reflecting, and revisiting.

Write: In your initial discussion forum post, answer the following in complete sentences:

  • Which step(s) do you use with ease? Describe how you use them.
  • Which step(s) do you find challenging and tend to avoid? Explain why these steps are challenging for you.
  • Describe three strategies that you could apply to improve your learning, thinking, and overall performance as a student.

Your initial post should be a minimum of 300 words.

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