discussion post 961

Many people have trouble setting up their smartphones, so a company has developed what it hopes are easier instructions. The goal is to have at least 96% of customers succeed. The company tests the new system on 200 people, of whom 188 were successful. Is this strong evidence of the company’s goal?

Complete a hypothesis test:

  • Write appropriate hypotheses.
  • What test will you use to test this claim? (One-sided or two-sided?)
  • Are the necessary conditions and assumptions to make inferences satisfied?
  • Calculate the sample proportion.
  • Sketch the sampling distribution of the sample proportions and shade the appropriate area that you intend to calculate.
  • Calculate LaTeX: SDleft(hat pright)S D ( p ^ ), the z-score (i.e., the test statistic), and state the p-value.
  • State an appropriate conclusion. Write a sentence or two that summarizes your conclusion within the context of the problem. Include any concerns that might call the validity of the conclusion in to question.

PART 1: YOUR (Initial) REPLY

A COMPLETE hypothesis test should include ALL of the above components. Your reply to this discussion should be as complete as possible. However, if you are stuck on a portion of it, or confused, SAY SO and ask for help. Your classmates should respond to you. THEN, use the discussion to help make your own reply more complete. For your reply, you may type a response and/or upload an image of your response. You must post before seeing your classmates’ replies.

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