discussion questions 711

Please write at least 250 words for each Prompt


1. watch “the imitation game” (2014) How does The Imitation Game represent the relationship between Turing’s sexuality and the history of computing? For example, does the film seem to take the perspective that it does or does not matter for his innovative work on technology that Turing was gay?Illustrate your point with reference to specific scenes, shots, lines, etc. from the film.

2. Watch Programmed Inequality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vCDHJ4-D80

In “Programmed Inequality,” Mar Hicks explains the history ofcomputing in ways that might surprise people in the present-day. What is one thing that Hickstalked about that you didn’t know before? For example, think about the kinds of people who didcomputer work and how that work was imagined. Why is your new perspective important?

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