do not own book choose one of these reading prompts to respond to there are multiple parts to each reading prompt you must answer all parts 2

Choose one of these reading prompts to respond to (there are multiple parts to each reading prompt, you must answer all parts). • Essays: must be a minimum of 450 words (which is about 1 ½ pages double-spaced in Times New Roman) • Use quotes to support answers

Topics: LGBTQ Families and Mapping Kinship

Read: Frank Lowe Raised By Unicorns pp. 5 – 110

Author: Frank Lowe

Publisher: Cleis Press

1. Does how we define “family” matter? When we consider the stories of those in Lowe’s book, how does the socially accepted, government supported, legal definition of family matter? Consider how children are affected when both (all) parents are potentially not recognized. If one parent is not recognized legally, how would it matter in day-to-day life? Explain the idea of “the right to exist” and what it means for families. Give examples. Listen to the NPR story link and include information from this as well.

2. In thinking about families, consider your own. Do you see your own family experience in any of the stories that you have read so far? Discuss how your own family experiences mirror things that the children in any one or more of these stories discussed. Was it the experience of divorce? Of feeling outside of the “norm” and judged? Was it love of your parents and acceptance of self? Or something else? Make sure that in writing this essay that you also discuss the story or stories that you related to so that we can understand the link.

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